Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It was Only the 3rd Week of Classes

Hi! Okay, honestly there is so much to tell you guys about! First off, two weekends ago, so September 17th was Octagon Fair. For those of you who don't know, Octagon Fair is our school's version of homecoming. What happens is all the clubs on campus, along with outside vendors set up booths and sell anything and everything. This year's theme was nautical. The clubs are automatically entered into a competition. This is based on theme participation, how many volunteers there were, educational component, etc. This year the winner was the Equestrian Club with the world's largest sea horse. Second place went to the Marketing and Management club who can keep there head's high for proving to be such stiff competition. The winners receive a cash prize toward there club activities. Other booths that were popular were feather hair extensions and the Chemistry Club's whack-a-pirate. Of course I can't forget the bookstore, who had a line starting at around 9:30 for all there sales. I bought sweatpants and a sweatshirt for $10 each, along with Christmas gifts for my family. It was a nice day, my mom actually was able to drive down and spend a couple hours with me. At 3:00 Elmira College Men's Soccer hosted a game against Alfred. Elmira came out with the win, which just added to the good moods that day.
The next day it was announced that Mountain Day singing would be starting Sunday September 18th. Mountain Day is a day off of classes that Dr. Meier grants the students. In order to earn a Mountain Day students must congregate in front of the President's home and sing/chant/scream there hearts out. This year, Elmira College made history. With over 600 students coming out Sunday night Dr. Meier granted the Elmira College community its first EVER Monday Mountain Day. It's essentially a snowless snow day.
As for Mountain Day itself, it is full of activities. I actually woke up and participated in the 3 mile run to Quarry Farms, the summer home of Mark Twain. There is also a Lumberjack Pancake Breakfast, a picnic lunch, games, activities, iris planting, and so much free time! I enjoyed the ability to take a two hour nap that day. Even though I still had to go to night class, I did not even mind.
So, that was last week in a nutshell. So crazy I know, but that's like at EC for ya.

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